How To Inferno Sea – Fish Game Online

Inferno Sea is not a bad choice for those who are in need of participating in an fish tables online. This game looks a bit scary at first glance, but this is actually what makes the mystery of the game. The creatures in the ocean make players curious, they want to conquer new challenges.

The following article will help players better understand Inferno Sea!


The Level Betting Of Inferno Sea

  • Money Room:
  • Symbol is a large whale, wearing solid armor that looks extremely ferocious.
  • The bet is as low as 0.1 to 10.
  • New players should join because they can practice more skills, then upgrade to more difficult ranks.
  • Fortune Room:
  • Symbol is the pirate ship and skull shape.
  • Players need to use from 1 to 100 depending on personal needs to participate in Inferno Sea.
  • The way to play is quite difficult, usually only experienced people can participate. In this game room, if any player wins, they will receive a huge bonus!

Features Of Inferno Sea


  • Bomb: A new explosion will appear when the bomb is used, all creatures in the affected area will be killed or lose a part of their power (if it is a large fish).
  • Laser : Each time a laser is released, the player can kill a bunch of fish.
  • Drill card: will trigger a flying drill to attack the fish in the screen.


  • Swirl fish: fish of the same type will be killed.
  • Electric fish: The fish around will be jacked to death if the player uses the electric fish to hunt.
  • Ghost fish: Although the shape looks scary, it is the creatures that give them the most bonuses. If the player sees there are fish in the shape of demons, it is a ghost fish.


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