How To Use Weapons At Fish Tables Online?

Fish table game online is a highly entertaining genre, players can earn more money. In the fish table game versions, players are once again immersed in the ocean world, colorful and beautiful. This genre promises to bring players extremely fun and great experiences.

Online fish table is not a game genre that is too difficult, on the contrary it is very simple and easy to understand. Players just need to destroy the fish on the screen and get bonus coins. However, to destroy the big fish, players need to have strong weapons and the right tactics. The following article will guide players on how to use weapons to bring the best effect!

How To Use Weapons At Online Fish Table Game?

Overview Fish Tables Online

Initially, Fish game gambling were games played by players using large machines at amusement arcades. Then this game gradually developed, to meet the needs of players, our website developed into an online form. The fish game products of the system can be joined in two forms: computers and phones. Players can not only have fun, but also earn extra bonuses

This bonus game for real money is extremely attractive and quite simple. The player’s coins will be converted into real money, which the player can then withdraw to his personal account. So many players choose this form of entertainment to participate. Since then, the number of players participating in the online fish table has been increasing.

Introduction About Weapons In Fish Tables Online

  • Some popular weapons

One of the things players need to learn to use when participating in fish table games online is weapons. The use of weapons is extremely important, the more proficient the player, the more flexible the use will be to destroy many targets. From there, the number of player bonus points will increase, which means that the reward received is also of higher value. Here are the popular weapons, present in most fish table versions

Cannon: This weapon is very common, usually they will appear with 7 levels. Depending on each target, small or large, the player will choose the appropriate type of ammo.

Laser gun: This weapon has tremendous damage, higher than cannons. The laser can destroy all fish in the area of ​​effect, thanks to which the player can accumulate enough bonus points.

Electric Shock: All targets within range will be electrocuted, standing motionless and losing health. From there, players take advantage of the opportunity to use bullets to destroy all targets.

Bomb: This weapon has great damage, players can destroy all fish in just a few seconds.

How To Buy Weapons

Most of the games, players who want to use weapons have to spend money in the account. Or if you want to quickly unlock weapons, you can top up your account. These weapons bring a lot of benefits. Players should remember that the money players spend to buy weapons is the investment fee. Be bold to invest to get a lot of bonus points.

Tips To Use The Weapon In Fish Tables Online

  • Consider which gun to use

Depending on the type of weapon, the player will spend a corresponding amount of money. Players should consider what kind of weapon to use. Especially expensive weapons like cannons. Players should use small weapons to destroy small fish, large weapons to destroy special creatures. Since then, players do not have to waste money on using weapons.

  • Tactics with bullets in shooting fish

Usually the player just selects a single target and fires bullets at them. Especially big goals will be noticed, players think it will bring big bonuses. However, this is not easy, if done wrong, the player will lose a large amount of money. According to the experience of those with skills passed down, players should have a mustache at many different locations to hunt more targets. Note that players should be careful to avoid capital loss

  • Combine different weapons

It’s no coincidence that the fish shooting game has so many weapons. In addition to cannons, there are many other support weapons in the game. If you know how to take advantage and combine these weapons, the player can easily destroy the target. Especially in the case of big fish, boss fish. Players must flexibly change weapons to defeat the fish in the shortest time with the least amount of money.


The above content has recently provided ways to use weapons in online fish table. Hopefully with this information, players will increase their chances of winning real money, potentially winning a lot of bonuses.