Terms & Conditions

Legal Basis

  • The terms of the privacy policy are subject to data protection laws.
  • Players are entitled to bet at the system if the player is eligible to participate in their country.
  • Our members must be at least 18 years old.
  • Creating an account and accessing the website is prohibited in any country without permission. Then transactions related to unauthorized betting will be canceled and your account will be deactivated of other accounts and/or the Agreement with you will be terminated.
  • Members must create a real account at the official our website and deposit real money using the forms offered by the online casino.
  • During the registration process, the information updated on the form must be accurate, matching the identity and bank account.
  • We do not allow people from prohibited areas to participate in website.
  • If the player is living in an area or country where online betting is prohibited, we do not encourage players to bet.
  • Players in an area where the law is prohibited, players are not allowed to use
  • If a player places bets while living in a restricted area, the player must take full responsibility for his or her actions.
  • We have the right to handle the player’s account, if the system detects that the player has committed illegal acts. This action of the system does not need prior notice.
  • Players participating in bets at website mean that they accept these rules
  • Customers must ensure compliance with the terms and conditions. Customers can access and use websites containing information, can install software and use betting services.
  • Members guarantee not to cheat, fix, structure with illegal entertainment activities during betting on any our games, products and applications.

New Member Sign Up

  1. Each member can only own one account at Our Website. If a member intentionally creates another account, We immediately withdraws all accounts and stakes in the accounts. In addition, We has the right to terminate or stop providing betting services for accounts if the owner acts in contravention of the set regulations.
  2. We reserve the right to limit or cancel any member’s right to participate in promotions. Our betting program is for healthy entertainment.
  3. For promotions, we reserve the right to change, modify or cancel the program at any time, without prior notice. We rely on the Terms and Conditions to apply
  4. Players can only participate in 1 promotion for a deposit to the system. 
  1. To avoid bonus and winnings being canceled, we require betting rounds to be reached within 30 days.
  2. Depending on the regulations, we will determine what is a bonus abuse.
  1. We have the right to check the transaction, access time at the player’s system for any reason. During the investigation, if we find that a player has benefited from a promotion based on the bets stated above, or from bets of an unfair nature, we will immediately withdraw the amount and the prizes may be awarded. related to that amount.
  2. Any player who intentionally falsified the original purpose of the system promotion will be disqualified. That means bonuses, winnings of any bets will be forfeited.
  3. At any time, we reserve the right to terminate or amend the Terms and Conditions of the website without prior notice.
  4. Players want to withdraw money should contact customer service, providing information as required. After confirming the information, the system will verify and execute the transaction from 3 to 5 minutes.
  5. Betting participants must be at least 18 years old, capable, intellectual and capable of taking responsibility for their own actions.
  6. The customer must understand that: participating in and playing the games means that the customer is aware of and agrees to the risk of losing the deposit to the customer’s account.
  7. Members must choose a currency – applied during play when registering a betting account.