How To Play Oasis Poker

Oasis Poker is a variation of Poker. This game is quite well received by players, especially new players because they find there are many differences and Oasis Poker also has outstanding advantages. Compared to Texas Holdem, Oasis Poker is much easier. Players when participating in Oasis Poker do not need to use psychological tricks or have too deep analysis. Basically, the effect of Oasis Poker for players is entertainment and relaxation after tired working days. At S777 club, the score of Oasis Poker is up to 98.96%, which means that the payout of this game is quite high. Players who want to better understand Oasis Poker should not ignore the article below!

The Rules Of Oasis Poker

  • At the start of the game, the player clicks on a chip of the same denomination on the table. The player then clicks the trade to place a bet.
  • Dealer and player each receive 5 cards.
  • All cards are shown face up, only 4 of the Dealer’s cards are face down.
  • Players can choose 1 or more cards in the deck. If a player wants to change a card, they need to use a fee before doing so. Please note that the fee for participating in the game and placing bets will not be refunded by the system.
  • After a player has made the decision to turn or not to exchange cards, that player must either fold or raise.
  • If a player chooses Raises, that player must increase his bet exactly twice the original bet.
  • The dealer will turn over the four face down cards.
  • The dealer must have an ace/king or higher to qualify.
  • If the Dealer does not qualify, the player will be the winner of the bet with the amount that player bet and the raise will push.
  • If the dealer qualifies and beats the player both ante and raise bets will lose.
  • If the dealer qualifies and loses to the player then the ante will pay even money and the raise according to the Raise Pay Table below.
  • If the player and dealer tie then both the ante and raise will push.

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Royal Flush100 to 1
Straight flush50 to 1
Four of a kind20 to 1
Full house7 to 1
Flush5 to 1
Straight4 to 1
Three of a kind3 to 1
Two pair2 to 1
All other1 to 1

In general, Oasis Poker gives players an extremely fun and relaxing online casino entertainment atmosphere. This is a game suitable for gatherings, group meetings. As for the online version, Oasis Poker is described very realistically. The game still has a Dealer to support customers during the participation process. The entire history of the player’s participation is saved by the system in detail and clearly. Players, if participating for the first time, can go to the “Rules” section for detailed instructions. Compared to other online casinos, S777 club offers Oasis Poker with a pretty high payout ratio, some big bonuses will go to the really lucky player!

Sometimes during the joining process, there will be some problems with the players, such as losing the internet! Then the player may not have completed his betting round. Players just need to access the game, select “Collection”, a quick collection is performed and the player’s winnings from the unfinished round will be added to the player’s balance.


If players are in need of entertainment and need to find a card game that is both simple and new, players can try the Oasis Poker experience at S777 club. The way to participate is extremely simple, players only need to register a betting account, choose Oasis Poker in the E-casino section after depositing and participating. If players are not confident in themselves, players can choose Demo to entertain and practice skills. Good luck players!