Jackpot Fishing Online Real Money – Fish Table Games

Jackpot Fishing is a new the theme of fish game gambling online. This game has both familiar features and new features, so many players feel that Jackpot Fishing is very authentic, not boring. Players participating in Jackpot Fishing will have access to many new elements, giving them an advantage when hunting fish. If players want to win Jackpot Fishing, players should not ignore the article below!

The Rules Of Jackpot Fishing Online Real Money

When participating in Jackpot Fishing online real money, players need to choose the level that matches their skills. Usually there are 3 levels for players to experience, from easy to difficult. Each level will have a different minimum bet, the player’s finances meet that level, players are free to participate. The more players bet, the more attractive bonuses they can receive.

The specific reward value at each level is as follows

  • Jili Jackpot: Players who bet 5 points or more will have a chance,

Bet 10 points or more to get a double bonus.

Bet 80 points or more get more according to the number of bets of the player.

Lucky Jackpot: bets from 0.8 points or more will have more chances; If you bet 2 or more points, you get a double bonus.

Speed ​​Jackpot: bets from 0.2 points or more have a chance; Bet from 0.6 points will be double bonus.

Features of Jackpot Fishing Online Real Money

Lock feature: Players lock bullets to a target of their choice. At that time, the energy will accumulate and make a fatal hit, successfully killing the fish. This feature is often used to catch large fish.

Torpedo features: The torpedo’s destructive power is very large and can kill fish in a flash. Even if the fish is large and difficult to die, it can still be successful.

Automatic feature: Almost every fish table games version such as Cai Shen Dao has this feature. Players tick each fish they want to shoot, or they can choose “all”, then the system will shoot them to kill them on behalf of the player.

Functional fish species

Shark: After killing a shark, it shocks nearby fish and activates “Thunder Chain”, locking the targeted fish and blowing them up.

Torpedo crabs: After killing them, throw Torpedoes into three areas, the player will kill more fish inside.

Sea anemone: Once destroyed, anemones create whirlpools that can trap fish within range.

Chance to win

Players who meet the following fish species will have the opportunity to receive great rewards

  • Five-colored dragon
  • Five-color fish
  • Conservation Capacitors
  • Octopus King and Golden Shark
  • Special fish


  • Special Fish
20x – 30x 100x – 150x 
30x – 40x 150x – 200x 
40x – 50x 200x – 250x 
  • Marine king
60x – 120x – 180x 
80x – 160x – 240x 
  • Normal Fish 

The payout value of this fish group is from 2x to 30x. Including 20x octopus, 35x hammerhead shark, 25x mermaid and 30x stingray. 

  • Golden Fish 
  • Function Fish 
70x – 90x 
80x – 100x 
90x – 110x 
  • Marine King 
  • Hall of fun: 3x/168x, 666x. 
  • Hall of regal: 3x/168x, 666x, 888x. 
  • Five-color of fish: 66, 88, 168x or more.
  • Five-color of dragon: 160, 240 x, 320 x or extremely high bonus.


Just now is all the information about Jackpot Fishing that players need to learn before joining the game. If the player wants to become a gunner, destroy many fish species, players need to refer to more tips on fish tables at the website. The last important thing is that players find a quality and reputable online casino to join. Good luck players!