Cai Shen Dao Online Real Money – Fish Table Games

Cai Shen Dao is one of the names that is no longer strange to those who have a passion for online fish table games. This game is released in the East Asian style, the main colors are red and yellow. Players participating in Cai Shen Dao will see many cultural differences, new layouts and quite realistic simulation of the vast ocean world. In other words, Cai Shen Dao is a harmonious combination between the theme of online fish table and the quintessence of oriental peoples.

If players are in need of participating in a fish table online, players can try Cai Shen Dao, the feeling will be extremely new, many points will make players excited!

Features Of Each Playroom At Cai Shen Dao


  • The stakes are quite low, ranging from $0.01 to $0.10.
  • Players often choose this bet level because they do not have much betting experience, mainly for entertainment and skill training.
  • The symbol of this playroom is the green turtle.


  • With the symbol of the golden carp, players will immediately remember the medium level of the game Cai Shen Dao.
  • Bet levels range from $0.10 to $1.00.
  • Usually, customers who want to have fun and earn a little extra income if they are lucky will choose this room.


  • Bets range from $0.10 to $1.00 . This is where the maximum bet limit of the 3 ranks is located.
  • Players who choose this level must possess a lot of skills, love online fish tables and want to earn big bonuses instead of just having fun.
  • The symbol of this rank is Cai Shen with a striking red suit

The Features Of Cai Shen Dao

  • Crystal win: Wins of this type will cause a chain reaction and kill all other crystals on the screen. 
  • Wins the random prize up to 50x and all the fish on the screen become frozen and stop moving. 
  • Drill Weapon: Get a free shot of a unique drill with great attack power. During fire it will have the chance to capture the fish along the trail path until it explodes. 


  • Small Fish
  • Big Fish

Tips To Play Cai Shen Dao

Besides learning about how to join an online fish table game, players need to know the specific rules of each game and Cai Shen Dao is no exception. Possessing skills with tips will help people have a higher chance of winning and players can easily get their bet back after each game.

  • Shoot in the Head of a Fish

The easiest way for players to successfully hunt fish is to shoot bullets into the fish’s head. As soon as the bullet is received, the fish’s strength will decrease sharply, the player only needs to click a few bullets in a row to be able to successfully destroy the fish.

  • Use 3 to 5 Bullets

Each fish will need a certain number of bullets if you want to kill them successfully. Usually small fish need 2 to 3 bullets and big fish will need more than 3 bullets. Players need to see the situation of the game, the ability to hunt fish and release bullets at the right time. The fish immediately after receiving enough bullets will die, the player immediately receives bonus points and changes it into real money.

  • Kill Fish When It Appears

The most successful time to catch fish is when the fish has just appeared on the screen. At that time, players just need to release bullets to be able to kill them, without spending much effort and money, both simply and quickly. However, the player must aim carefully and shoot at the correct angle.

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In general, Cai Shen Dao is one of the successful products of the fish game gambling. However, if you want to ensure the ability to win and receive rewards, players should possess tactics and certain knowledge about shooting fish. Hopefully the last article will help players, help them receive the most attractive bonuses possible!