The Algorithm Behind Fish Table Online Versions

Algorithm Fish Table Online

With each version of fish table gambling game online real money, game publishers will install different algorithms into the game. Players who want to win and conquer products as quickly as possible need to understand this algorithm. Depending on the version, the algorithm will have different characteristics. Here are a few algorithmic features that often appear in popular online versions of fish tables.

  • With each type of fish there is a certain number of points

Since each type of fish will have a certain number of points, the bonus players receive will depend on their score. This means that when the player releases a bullet and successfully kills a fish, the player will receive a bonus corresponding to the price of a bullet.

Players must note the fish’s score, sometimes from 2 to 10 points for small fish, just 1 to 2 bullets can kill them. If the fish is big like a shark or a dragon, the score will be in the hundreds, which means the player needs to spend more bullets to kill them.

  • How to calculate common score of online fish table

Usually the rules of each product online fish table game are as follows: when the player releases a bullet, kills the fish, the player will collect the corresponding number of points. When the player releases bullets continuously, many fish are killed simultaneously, the player’s bonus amount also increases.

The games produced will calculate the number of bullet points fired and collected by a fish. However, the bigger the fish, the more difficult it is for players to count as a boss, because they often appear at unexpected times.

Experience when hunting large fish such as arowana, players should combine with other opponents in the game room. It is best for the player to let the opponent shoot the dying arowana before the player releases the bullet. When the last shot successfully kills the fish, the player wins.

  • Follow the rules to win
  • The mantra when joining the fish table online “when the fish gets enough bullets, the fish will die“. Players when entertaining should not forget this mantra. For example, when a player shoots a fish with 5 points, it takes 10 hits to kill it, although sometimes it only needs to hit 1 or 2 to die, or shoot 6 to 7 bullets is not dead, but after 10 bullets it definitely dies.
  • Players try to pay attention, if 3 players shoot 3 bullets together, the fish is not dead, the player should aim properly, shoot 1 more bullet, the fish will die immediately. The last person to successfully kill the fish is the one who receives the bonus. The previous 3 players failed to hunt fish.

Sometimes hunting fish if the strategy is not successful, the player will feel depressed. In the game there are many different species of fish, large and small, players can hardly aim and hit. So the calculation is really necessary, use 100 bullets to shoot fish effectively.

  • Depending on the room the player has previously selected, if the number of bullets the player uses reaches the allowable limit, the player will no longer have the opportunity to hunt fish. So players should consider when using bullets, each bullet is a real amount of money the player has to spend.
  • Fishing players must apply bonus rules. For example, bullets are arranged in order from 1 to n, the first bullet kills fish 2 fish 4 fish 30, the second bullet kills fish 3 fish 9, the third bullet kills fish 6 …
  • Players must be familiar with the game before depositing real money to participate, so the game will be smoother and easier.


Just now is information about programming of online fish table games. Players do not forget to learn the trick behind before joining. Hopefully, players after referring to the article below will have useful knowledge, making the game more attractive. Happy players!