How To Win Money At Fish Tables Online?

Later when technology developed, fish tables were played on the online system. Currently, there are many online casinos that offer fish tables online, receiving great support from the community. How to play the fish game is not difficult, the game is both simple and gives players many opportunities to receive rewards.

Many players ask “How to win money at fish tables online?”, “how to play the fish table and win?”, “How to play fish table sweepstakes?” To solve this problem, players first need to find a reputable online casino. Next, players need to own a few tips to play fish tabls game online, learn from previous players’ experience. gives players the world of online fish table that is both beautiful and authentic, with many attractive rewards. In addition, the system also provides a lot of useful information about the game, instructions on how to play, bets and withdrawals.

The most special are the strategies and betting tips when participating in the fish tables. If the player is really a fan of the fish tables online, and is looking for a way to win. Players must definitely follow the article below.

How To Win Money At Fish Tables Online?

Possessing Powerful Weapons

To shoot a lot of fish, the player must first know how many types of weapons are in the game, Fishtablesonline will list for players the types of weapons and the effects of each weapon:

  • Cannon: With 7 bullet levels from low to high.
  • Explosive Bomb: Kills all fish in the area once.
  • Poison: Poisoning a lot of fish 1 time increases the chance of hitting.
  • Radiation: Dropping 1 time increases the chance of hitting and doubles the bonus.
  • Electric shock: Will shock all fish in the affected area, reducing blood
  • Shark Trap: Just release in the path of the shark, it will trap, with a duration of 30 seconds.
  • Double Gold: Dropping any Item will double Gold.

Shooting The Head Of Fish

Using large range bullets 4 and 5, when using this ammunition the player must hunt fish with more coins than 5. However, these fish are usually quite strong, so the player should wait for them to form groups and then shoot only then will it be more effective.

Shooting Like Rich Man

Players choose the most expensive weapon, aim to shoot at the fish with great prizes. This way of shooting, if winning, the player receives all the coins from the special fish. However, not all players have a strong economy to shoot fish. Players need to think carefully, invest in the right direction to get the highest possible benefits.

how to win fish game

Shooting By Increases Bullets

This way of shooting can be understood simply as shooting up bullets, shooting 9 fish with 1 bullet each and then increasing from 1 to 2, 3,4,… When shooting 100 rounds, the player will lose 558 points but compensate. The fish always dies and the player will get 1000 points. No matter how much the fish dies at the bullet, the player still makes a lot of profit. If the player is faster, the player can also increase the amount of bullets in many other ways and the more coins collected.

Speed ​​Control

Usually small fish will have slow speed, the player only needs to use a few bullets to be able to kill. If the fish moves more and more, the shooting rate must be increased because then the fish size is larger. Players should use the method of firing, gradually increasing the number of bullets. That way the player will control the speed of the fish and their journey.

Shoot Fish When Fishes Come Off The Table

Players who wait for the fish to come out of the table immediately shoot. Players just sit and adjust the gun, and wait to shoot fish, so the fish that have just come out have been shot down. This way of playing is very effective, players must pay close attention, watch the gun path carefully, and not miss any fish to collect the best loot.

At the same time, just applying this trick with the mustache trick, the ability to shoot all the fish is very large. Make sure, after applying this tip, the number of coins won is very large. Players just need to be quick-witted and manipulate accurately, winning is not difficult.

how to play fish table sweepstakes

 Using Algorithms To Shoot Fish

You need to be algorithmic or fast in calculations. The algorithm here would be a custom bullet throttle to get close to the probability of the fish dying. According to the algorithm, the bullets will be ranked from 1 to n, bullet 1 dies at number 2, number 4 and number 30, bullet 2 dies at number 3 and 9, bullet 3 only dies at number 6, etc. However, it also needs to be changed in different cases, high mortality rate, fast win.


Fish tables online is not too difficult a game, players just need to follow the predetermined strategy, have good technique and manipulation, the player will bring back great loot. The above fishing tips are drawn from professional shooters, we hopes that it will be effective for players. Good luck to the players.