Bird Hunter – Online Fish Table Game

Unlike other products in the online fish table version, when participating in Bird Hunter, players will be transformed into a real bird hunter. The game still takes place in a forest setting, with many different creatures such as squirrels, deer, rabbits and birds flying in the sky. The player’s task is to hunt those animals even though they are moving at high speed.

The entire scene of the game is built with 3D images, bright colors, realistic sounds. Players when participating will feel like getting lost in a forest with countless birds and extremely vivid creatures. Quickly follow the article below then join Bird Hunter to have the best experience!

The Levels Of Bird Hunter

  • VIP: Gun 10-1000, players can only use 1 gun and there is no fee to enter the room. This is bet level for those who are new to betting, the way to play is simple. The icon of this level is a squirrel.
  • VVIP: Gun 50-1000, players can use 2 guns to hunt birds, entrance fee is 10 coins. This bet has a moderate difficulty, suitable for those who have experience in participating in online fish tables. The icon for this level is Rainbow Phoenix.
  • Super VIP: Gun 100 – 1000, players can use 3 guns at the same time to hunt birds, the fee to enter the room is 10 coins. This bet has a high difficulty, usually the players in the online fish table industry participate. The symbol of this level is a phoenix.

The Features Of Bird Hunter

  • A bird king with a whirlwind circle, after killing the bird king, players can kill all the same kind of birds.
  • Killing causes an acoustic attack that can attack all birds within the acoustic range.
  • Attacking the Rainbow Phoenix has a chance to get randomly dropped feathers and get a high jackpot score.
  • Collect the feathers from the five rainbow phoenixes and start the golden egg smash game.
  • Firebirds are given free of charge when firing bullets, which can attack the birds.
  • The killing organ kite can attack all ordinary birds on the screen.
  • Udde the flying mouse order to summon the flying mouse to assault the birds on the screen.


This is the payout of the animals in the first playroom, the easiest one.

200x – 500x
100x – 200x


Bird Hunter is an attractive game, if players have technique, learn the details of the rules of the market, they can destroy many birds and receive high rewards. The game has many levels for players to choose from. This is truly an exciting adventure with modern weapons. Hope players have a great experience with Bird Hunter!