Buffalo Thunder II – Fish Arcade Game

Buffalo Thunder II is expected to stir up the fish table games market when an online version is available. The purpose of this game is that the player uses weapons in many levels, successfully destroying the targets. The more fish killed, the more time the player will get. Especially if the target is killed within the time limit, the amount of bonus the player receives will be much higher.

Buffalo Thunder II - Fish Arcade Game

Interesting Experience In Buffalo Thunder II

Players are suddenly feeling peaceful when the appearance of crazy buffalo makes the water surface and everything around shake. A calm sea suddenly appeared with big storms. That is the image players can encounter in Buffalo Thunder II. If in that situation, the player can still hunt fish and complete the set goals, the player is indeed a good bettor. Now follow the next information to understand more about this game.

The Symbols In Buffalo Thunder II

  • King Crab: When the player catches a king crab, a lightning bolt will strike down and all fish on the screen will die.
  • Buffalo: Strings of weapons or bullets will be thrown to capture the buffalo and it will enter the fight mode. During the struggle, each hit caused by the Buffalo will score more points. If Buffalo is caught it will attack more fiercely and the player will win a higher reward.
  • Mermaids: Capturing the Mermaid can summon the Eight Waves of Mermaids to attack all the fish in the sea. This will give the player an increased chance to win that round.
  • Laser Crab: If the player conquers this creature, the player will inherit its outstanding features. This means the player will kill the fish with the Crab’s lasers.
  • Mystic Dragon: The player cannot kill the Dragon, but its appearance will make the player earn more bets.

The Features Of Buffalo Thunder II

Buffalo Thunder II is an intense competition between players and creatures. The appearance of many strange animals with different features makes players want to conquer to receive rewards. From the Mystic Mermaid and Dragon Power to the Firestorm boosters, players will love the hidden rewards in this game.

  • Flaming Phoenix: Swoops on the screen to provide the possessor with generous rewards
  • Fire Dragon Turtle: Spin on the screen to catch fish and give players thousands of bonus coins
  • Vortex Fish: Creates a powerful tornado in various areas of the screen to destroy any fish nearby
  • Laser: Wide, powerful laser on the screen to destroy any fish in its path
  • Super Bomb: Bounce on screen creates powerful explosion for maximum score
  • Hammer Smash: Creates a powerful explosion that erases any and all characters on the screen

Where To Play Buffalo Thunder II – Fish Arcade Game

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