Buy Bitcoin With PayPal

Currently, most online websites allow players to use Bitcoin to participate in betting. This method is widely popular and players can use e-wallets to buy Bitcoin when needed. One of the e-wallets that support buying Bitcoin is Cash app or Venmo. In addition, online fish tables also accept users to use PayPal e-wallets. The following article will guide users to use PayPal to buy bitcoin quickly.

Summary Of How To  Buy Bitcoin With PayPal

As said, PayPal already allows users to buy Bitcoin directly. However, the application still has a few limitations, especially the future plans to allow withdrawals to a third wallet.

Depending on what the user’s purpose of buying Bitcoin is, if they just want to keep money or use money, they should go through Coinbase to buy Bitcoin. In addition, players can buy through Localbitcoins, although this method requires finding an extremely trustworthy exchange.

Below we will introduce users to a few platforms to buy Bitcoin with PayPal. These forms are recommended for those who want to speculate on the Bitcoin price, but do not want to access the actual currency.

1. Buy Bitcoin with PayPal through Coinbase

  • Advantages: This is a highly reliable platform, the usage limit is also high.
  • Disadvantages:  Users cannot buy directly from Paypal balance.

In the world Coinbase is the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange. Coinbase accepts PayPal as a means of payment from 2021. Users note that Coinbase does not allow them to buy with their PayPal balance, instead users must use a debit card, a bank account linked to PayPal.

The maximum limit a player can trade is $25,000 per day. In addition, the transaction fee is also quite high, if using a debit card on Coinbase is 4% per transaction. If the player uses the bank counter via PayPal, it costs 2.5%

2. Buy Bitcoin with PayPal through eToro

  • Advantages: The fee is quite low compared to other trading platforms, allowing users to use many methods.
  • Disadvantages:  Not fully available, it is difficult for new users to withdraw profits on the electronic app, the operation is quite troublesome.
  • Buying Bitcoin with PayPal through eToro has a few limitations, it will take a lot of time and steps for players to follow.
  • In other words, eToro is suitable for those who have a need to speculate on the price of Bitcoin rather than buying real money to use.
  • Honestly, eToro is a platform that helps users speculate on Bitcoin. In addition, if users buy Bitcoin on PayPal with eToro, they can also bet at online fish tables.

3. Buy Bitcoin with PayPal through LocalBitcoins

  • Step 1: Enter your search parameters

After successfully accessing, the player enters the amount of Bitcoins they want to buy. Besides, the player must specify which country it is. The reason for entering the country name is because LocalBitcoins was originally created for people to meet in person, so there is no worldwide search engine.

  • Step 2: After accessing the system, players will see a series of names of sellers displayed. Players just need to check and browse one by one.

Players should note the following if they want to find a reliable seller:

  • The seller must respond quickly to the buyer.
  • What were the seller’s previous transactions like? How many transactions have taken place in total?
  • The behavior and exchange of the seller is enough to convince the buyer to decide to trade or not.
  • Step 3: Complete the transaction

After the player finds a suitable transaction object, the player consults other information: transaction limit, location and payment term of the user.

On the other hand, the seller also has the right to request that the buyer is a reputable person who has done many previous transactions. The issue of scams and fraud makes everyone need a genuine statement, not just general information. Both parties, after reviewing each other’s information, if they find it appropriate, just click “send transaction request”.

4. Buy Bitcoin with PayPal through xCoins

A lot of people used to confuse xCoins with However users should remember that xCoins is like a Bitcoin lending service. Specifically, its operation is as follows: Buyers come to xCoins website and ask to “loan” some Bitcoin. After that, the buyer confirms the ID and is asked by the system to send an amount of USD equivalent to the amount he wants to borrow + credit card / PayPal processing fee + a fixed amount that acts as the interest rate of the loan.

5. Buy Bitcoin with PayPal through Paxful

If a user wants to buy Bitcoin with Paxful, the user needs to have a separate account first, then choose a payment method and buy with the desired amount. Even better, the buyer can choose the seller to exchange, the way can be by manual method or let Paxful decide.

Once the transaction begins, the buyer will be taken to an online chat with the seller. Here both will be able to communicate directly with each other, completing the transaction in a short time.

Seller’s Bitcoin will be escrowed and deposited into the buyer’s account after successful payment. Each transaction usually lasts about 30 minutes, if no agreement is reached, the transaction will be automatically canceled.

6. Buy Bitcoins Directly Through PayPal

Users can still buy Bitcoin directly at PayPal if not using the methods above. Users only need to register for an account and select “buy and sell” in the section “Your cryptocurrency” => Continue users to click “Bitcoin” => select Buy and enter the amount of Bitcoin as needed => user select payment method, select “Next” and check conversion rate and transaction fee => “buy now” to confirm transaction and coins available in PayPal wallet.


Just now are the ways to buy Bitcoin with PayPal we would like to introduce to players. In addition, if players want to bet Bitcoin at an online fish table, players can buy with Venmo or cash app. Stay tuned for new posts for more details. Thank you players for watching!