Fu Fish – Online Fish Table Game

Fu Fish is one of the fish table gambling game online real money, This game also has the same participation method as other fish table games. However, at Fu Fish, players will experience many new features. At the same time, the game’s colors, graphics and sounds also have their own characteristics, giving customers something new. Many members at Our website have given positive feedback to this game. Follow the article below to better understand Fu Fish!

The Room In Fu Fish

Players will have three options corresponding to three ranks when participating in Fu Fish. Each game room will have different symbols, different bet levels. Of course, the amount of the bonus is also subject to change.

  • Room 1: Symbol is Ca He, the lowest bet, ranging from 1 to 9 coins per turn. This is a playroom for new players to experience the game’s features and practice fishing techniques.
  • Room 2: Symbol is shark, the bet is higher than Room 1, ranging from 10 to 90 coins for each participation. Players now not only experience but also can earn more income from hunting creatures under the sea.
  • Room 3: Symbol is Dragon, this is the most difficult room, corresponding to the highest amount that players have to spend, ranging from 100 to 1000 coins for one bet. Usually, the players in the online fish table industry choose this room, because there are many challenges that players must overcome if they choose Room 3. However, in return, the bonuses they receive will be extremely high if they win.

Weapon Modes At Fu Fish

  • Mode 1: The player activates 1 gun, each time the gun is fired, it will release 1 bullet. (bet from 1 to 9 coins).
  • Mode 2: The player activates 2 guns at the same time, meaning that each time the guns are activated, 2 bullets will be released. (bets from 10 to 90 coins).
  • Mode 3: Players activate 3 guns at the same time, each time the player shoots, they will use 3 bullets. (bets from 100 to 1000 coins).

The Features In Fu Fish

  • Auto: Players only need to set the direction the gun will fire and choose Auto mode. Then the player does not need to click, the bullet will still release steadily in the direction that the player has preset.
  • Target Lock: This function helps the player between bullets and only fires at the pre-set target no matter where the target moves on the screen. Players who want to activate this feature simply need to double-click on the target.




Hopefully the above information will help players when participating in Fu Fish. This game really has many novelties, making it hard for players to resist. Wish players have new experiences with Fu Fish and get high bonuses!