Kirin Storm Fishing Game – Fish Arcade Game

How To Play Kirin Storm

Kirin Storm is new fish table game online real money genre of Vpower, not all players know about. However, this is a product that players should not ignore. Kirin Storm owns many features and has a thoughtful investment in graphics. Any player who comes to Kirin Storm will praise and be pleased.

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The Levels Of Kirin Storm

Players have 3 choices corresponding to three ranks. Each rank represents the player’s skill, experience and level.

  • VIP: The image is green, the gun has a power of 10-1000. Players can participate in a trial game, no stakes, suitable for personal skill training.
  • VVIP: The image is blue, the gun has a power of 50 -1000. Players, after understanding the rules of the game and mastering the features of weapons, should choose this rank. To place bets, the room fee is $10.
  • Super VIP: The image is red, the largest and strongest rank. Each gun in this playroom has a power of 100-1000. The fee to enter the player’s room is 10. Note that only those who have mastered skills and regularly make money from fish table games should play this room.

The Advantages Of Kirin Storm

As mentioned, any player participating in Kirin Storm is hard to refuse. Because this game possesses many outstanding advantages, making players satisfied. Referring to Kirin Storm, players can remember features such as:

Many levels for players to choose from.

  • Extremely high profit, suitable for those who consider fish table game as a game to make money instead of entertainment.
  • Strong configuration, beautiful graphics, vivid sound create realism.
  • Players can experience the latest features, serving a lot in the player’s battle.
  • The creatures are diverse, colorful and attractive to players from the first time they meet.

Some Features Of Kirin Storm

  • Kylin Boss: When Kylin hits successfully, the chain will be thrown to catch it and it will enter the fight mode. During the struggle, each smash caused by the dragon will net more points. If Kylin is caught it will initiate a more angry attack and the player will win a higher prize.
  • Thunder Whale: When whales are caught several waves of whale attacks will help the player catch as many fish as possible.
  • Devil: When the Devil is caught it will help the player catch as many fish as possible.




If players want to try their hand at a new game with a new style and attractive payout, players should try to join Kirin Storm. Hope the above information will make players satisfied, wish players success!