Mermaid Beauty

Mermaid Beauty is one of the newest products in the online fish table category, just released by Vpower. This game is now available at our system and has become a craze in the online betting market. Currently, Mermaid Beauty is the most searched keyword by customers in the “Fish tables online” category of online casino. Players can choose the Demo version to experience, but to understand and improve the ability to win, don’t forget to follow the article below!

The Level In Mermaid Beauty


  • The player is allowed to use 1 gun.
  • The level of participation is from 10 to 1000 coins.
  • Players do not have to pay to enter the game room.


  • The player is allowed to use 2 guns.
  • The level of participation is from 50 to 1000 coins.
  • Players have to pay 10 coins to participate.

Super VIP

  • Players use 3 guns to hunt fish.
  • The stakes range from 100 to 1000 coins.
  • The fee to join the game is 10 coins.

The Symbols At Mermaid Beauty

  • Carb Bombs: All creatures on the screen will be killed if the carb bomb takes effect.
  • Electromagnetic gun crab: The power of electricity resides in this creature. When the player successfully hunts it, all the fish nearby will be subjected to the crab’s electric attack, the more dead fish, the higher the reward the player receives.
  • Ball fish: With the icon of the ball, the fish that just need to enter the bubble will be imprisoned, their power will be greatly reduced. Players can take that opportunity to fire bullets, killing them easily.



Hopefully the above information is enough for players to better understand Mermaid Beauty and how to join the game. Besides Mermaid Beauty, fishtablesonline has many other products under the theme of fish table game, extremely safe and attractive. Players can test the experience with the Demo version, then deposit their bets and start the real game. Wish the players meet to win!