Top 5 Thing About Slot Game Players Should Know

Many players when it comes to Slot games wonder what it means. To answer about this concept and related information, fish tables online invites players to follow the article below

Slot games are machines that change prizes into real money, players often see them appearing in casinos since the 1890s. Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn, New York developed a gambling machine in 1891 that was a precursor to the modern slot machine. Initially Slot games there are quite simple symbols, from 1 to 3 reels. Later, it gradually became more popular, participated by many players and was produced with many new images, more diverse formats.

Top 5 Thing About Slot Game Players Should Know

Types Of Slot Games

Currently Slots and fish table game are provided by publishers like Joker gaming, Pragmatic Play, iSoftbet, Playtech is integrating Slot’s rich games, style and content are designed in a variety of ways. However, Slot games have 4 main categories including:

  • Classic Slot: This is the first Slot game genre, with a simple design, the games and rules are not difficult. Usually Classic Slot products only have 3 reels and 1 row.
  • Video Slots: This category appeared on the market not too long ago. The products have a modern, lively design and a variety of effects. The game has more reels and rows, products up to 100 reels and jackpots with huge bonuses.
  • 3D Slots: This category is upgraded from Video Slots. Products with 3D graphics, vivid with many effects. 3D games have complex technology, consuming a lot of resources, so not all online casinos are updated.
  • Mobile Slots: Games designed with mobile compatibility in mind. HTML5 technology is extremely light, new and unique colors. At the same time, the game is also very diverse, players can install mobile apps.

How To Play Slot Games?

The principle of Slot games is very simple, players just need to place a bet, press the spin button and wait for the results. When the symbols line up, the player wins. The rules for the value of symbols are different, the winning row will be fixed in the game. Here are a few illustrations of the slot game, the main features of the slot. Newcomers to Slot games should learn

  • Game main screen: All symbols of the game are arranged in rows and columns. When the player presses spin, the symbols will spin and arrange randomly. If a win line appears, the screen will be displayed to the player.
  • Spin function button: When the player presses the icon spin button, each spin corresponds to the coin the player has placed. The + and – buttons are used to increase or decrease the bet amount for each spin. Players can choose to spin automatically, or set the number of automatic spins. In addition, players can also set a limit to how much money falls, the automatic spin will stop. Or you can also auto-stop when the player has won the prize.
  • Where to show information how much you win in total. Winning or non-winning row information is also displayed here.
  • The main menu in the game is used to install the game, effects, set the total bet to control the money. In addition, players can see instructions, game rules or sound settings here.

We advises players to click on the menu to view instructions before participating in any slot product. The player must understand the theme of the game, the winning value, the main symbols and the paying symbols. Besides, players can also know the number of winning rows, the rules of slot games. After mastering the rules of the game, the number of rows to bet, the player clicks the spin button to start.

Terms Of Slot Game

Players participating in Slot games should learn the necessary terms. If the player grasps the terms, it is easy for the player to use the features and also understand the meaning of symbols and terms.

  • Bonus Game: This is an extra bonus that appears when the player spins it. The reward players receive can be double the bonus, get free spins … depending on the specific game displayed.
  • Credit: Is the amount of capital in the player’s betting account wallet brought into the game. Players manage their bets with their account at casino system.
  • Bet: The amount the player bets for each spin. This bet is calculated on the value of 1 coin and the total number of coins the player places, how many rows.
  • Coin Level: The number of coins the player will bet for each active row. The cost of any bet is one bet per active row. Therefore, if a player places 10 rows, the cost of the bet will be 10x the number of coins.
  • Extra Wild: Wild symbol adds bonus, multiplies when given the opportunity.
  • Expanding Wild: If there is 1 Expanding Wild, the player has an extra chance to create a winning combination. Usually this feature is activated as part of a bonus feature.
  • Free Spin: As a free spin, the player gets an extra number of free spins with no money. At the end of the free spins, the machine will automatically calculate the player’s total winnings.
  • Multiplier: It means that the Slot bonus multiplier ranges from 3X, 6X even 1000X.
  • Paylines: Also known as winning rows. Each game has a different Payline number. When the symbols appear to match the Paylines, the prize is considered a win.
  • Progressive Jackpot: This is a progressive jackpot accumulated on a slot machine. The amount a player can win has no upper limit and the jackpot amount will usually be huge.
  • Scatter: A special symbol in the game. Depending on the game, there will be different Scatter and often huge bonus points.
  • Wild: This symbol replaces any symbol to help the player complete a winning combination.
  • Jackpot: Jackpot is a cumulative prize until someone wins. And Jackpot will accumulate the player’s bet, until someone is lucky to spin and win. Depending on the type of Jackpot, players will receive small or large amounts.

The Questions Of Slot Game

  • Is It Easy To Win Playing Slot Games?

When participating in Slot games, players will encounter RTP- a certain win rate of each game. The higher the RTP of the game, the greater the chance of winning. Players can easily find information about the win rate of RTP. However, players should remember that Slot game is a betting product based on the wishes of the website and players. If you want to win, you must first find a safe, reputable and transparent betting system like Joker-usa.

  • What is RTP?

RTP stands for Return To Player, which means money returned to the player. Usually slot games will have a certain index to be surveyed. When playing, in a cycle, the machine will pay the player. The game Star Gods Slot, for example, has an RTP of 96.84%. Players will have the opportunity to receive winnings of $ 96.84 on $ 100 spent. However, this stat is not fixed, this is just the lowest possible stat of the game. The higher the RTP, the higher the odds of winning.

  • What is Spin Slot Game?

Products originating from fruit guillotines then became more popular and participated by many players, appearing on online networks. Slot games are now much more modern, offering many winning styles with great rewards. The most lucky player participating in the Slot is to win the big prize – Jackpot. The jackpot value depends on each game, the player’s account will be rewarded when winning.

  • How to Know the Prestige Slot Game?

A reputable product is a product provided by a large, well-known publisher in the world. The game is licensed and integrated on the website system. Besides, the game also ensures transparency in the random algorithm and is licensed and controlled by agencies such as PAGCOR, Curacao.

  • Which Website Is Good To Join Slots?

Joker Gaming is to be the most prestigious and quality website today. The system is trusted and chosen by many players to participate in Slot games. At the same time, the website has been tested, provides a license, a transparent and safe betting environment.


Above is all information about Slot games. If players want to choose a safe and quality website to join, is an extremely good offer. Hope players have a lot of luck!