Dragon Fishing – Online Fish Table Game

Dragon Fishing in the ocean similar to other fish table games. Coming to Dragon Fishing, players can comfortably experience the beautiful, vast ocean world with hundreds of thousands of different types of fish. The task of each player is to hunt as many fish as possible.

Dragon Fishing is a game of great conquest. The more challenges a player overcomes, the more rewards they will receive. Dragon Fishing game has a beautiful, delicate and extremely realistic 3D graphic design. Moreover, players can connect with many other players, with the same passion to earn bonuses from fish table games.

Dragon Fishing online fish table promises to bring players unforgettable moments of entertainment.

Weapon System Of Dragon Fishing

To participate in Dragon Fishing, players need to own a number of advanced weapons. Such as random super weapons: Diamond cannon; Strike cannon; Water bullets.

  • Diamond Cannon: The player can shoot projectiles straight ahead in the fishing grounds, dealing damage to all fish in the cannon’s path.
  • Light Cannon: This weapon has a high damage effect against fish located in its lighted area. This weapon also has the effect of catching big and special fish, combined with the slow skill to increase more effectively in the fish table game.
  • Water bullet: This is a fire related weapon that deals 2-6 times more damage over the entire ocean. This is one of the weapons commonly used to shoot small or medium fish.

Advantages When Playing Dragon Fishing

  • Dragon Fishing is a game with a large scale, an extremely large number of fish and players. Dragon Fishing has a beautiful interface, smooth configuration and light capacity, and does not cause device lag. Players will feel extremely satisfied when participating. Huge amount of bonuses, surprising players.
  • Players can interact with an extremely large and fun gaming community. Dragon Fishing helps players both make friends and reinforce many new skills.
  • When participating in the game, the system aims to increase the difficulty for players. As a player experiences a level, the more bonus points a player plays, the higher that player’s rank will be. The higher the level, the more attractive rewards and promotions for players.


If players want to entertain themselves after stressful working hours, they can earn extra income. Dragon Fishing is the most reasonable choice. The system – reputable, quality and safe online casino. We ensure players will have moments of memorable experience.

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