Online Fish Table Game Crazy Fishing – Play Win Real Money

Online Fish Game Crazy Fishing - Play Win Real Money

Introducing About Crazy Fishing Game

Crazy Fishing is a famous fish shooting game at many online casinos. This game uses weapons purchased with real money to hunt fish. At the same time, when receiving bonus coins, players can exchange them for real money and withdraw to their personal accounts. Coming to Crazy Fishing, players will be able to visit the vast ocean world. In addition to Crazy Fishing, players can also participate in many other Fish Table Game genres such as: Yilufa Fishing, Ocean King , Fishing King, …

Crazy Fishing is the latest version of the online fish game, with the most beautiful and harmonious interface. The game speed is suitable for multiplayer, no lag, and very stable. The process of joining and depositing is very easy, the process does not take players too long. Crazy Fishing is indeed a game worth playing for players to experience.

Demo Version Of Crazy Fishing 

  • Coins: *5000000
  • Item: Freeze *5
  • Item: Target Lock *5
  • Bet 100-9900

Typical Symbols Of Crazy Fishing

  • Large colorful circle: This is a symbol of a large school of fish, with many types of fish appearing at the same time forming a group. Players can shoot any fish and at the same time chase other fish.
  • Large blue, purple circle: Shows a sudden victory, the player’s goal is revealed. Players can hunt multiple targets at the same time.
  • Skull: Full-screen destructive power. When used, players can gain great loot, the opportunity to receive huge coins.
  • Pink Cannon: Also known as energy cannons. When the player shoots at a fish, the player has a chance to receive an energy cannon. If the projectile from the Energy Cannon kills the fish, the player gets double coins.
  • Copper shells: If players want to increase their chances of winning coins, bullets, etc., they should collect a lot of copper shells. The reward that the player receives when using this weapon is from 5 to 50 damage.
  • Silver Clamshell: Collecting silver clamshell has a chance to win coins, target lock ammo, freeze ammo. Use more powerful ammo/weapons to win big rewards. Damage from 5-100.
  • Gold Clamshell: Use more powerful ammo/weapons to win big rewards. Since the destructive power of golden seashells ranges from 100-150, players should collect as many as possible.

How To Play Crazy Fishing Game

To join the fish table game at our website, players just need to follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Log in account in our system
  • Step 2: Deposit money into account 
  • Step 3: Choose a game

To play fish table online, players go to “Fish Game” on the menu bar. The system will display a list of fish table games including: momo fishing, crazy fishing game, dragon fishing,…

Players just need to click on the fish table game they want to play, click “play” to start the game.

  • Step 4: Join the game

When the main interface of the game appears, the player will choose the form of play and the bet level. Finally, the player will use the provided weapon to destroy the fish and score points.


It is not too difficult to join the Crazy Fishing Game, this game is suitable for many players and has diverse odds. We believes that Crazy Fishing Game will bring players comfortable entertainment moments, memorable experiences. Quickly register an account today, we give new members a bonus, the higher the chances of participating and winning with Crazy Fishing.