Arcade With Fishing Game Get Real Money – Yilufa Fishing

If players are looking for a new version of Fish table game with high payouts, Yilufa Fishing is the answer. This fish game is currently available at Our website and is well received by its members. Yilufa Fishing with a completely new style, updated with more utilities and features. Players who come to join Yilufa Fishing at the system also receive many attractive incentives. Follow the article below for more details about this game!

Arcade With Fishing Game Get Real Money - Yilufa Fishing

Introduction About Fishing Yilufa

Yilufa Fishing is an online version of fish table game with many new features. The game is a collection of experience from many previous versions of Fish game and was created. Players participating in Yilufa Fishing will discover the mysterious ocean world, with many attractive gifts. In the future, Yilufa Fishing will surely be loved by many players and become even more “hot”.

How To Play Fishing Yilufa Game

Multiple players can join Yilufa Fishing at the same time. Players can combine with each other to destroy a large target. Depending on the rank that the player chooses, they will own different types of bullets with different destructive power. Each direction of the bullet will depend on the gun. During the firing process, if the player’s bullet hits the edge of the wall, it will immediately bounce back, until it hits any target. If that target is destroyed, the player gains bonus points. From there the game outcome will be determined.

Initially when participating in Yilufa Fishing, players are granted a maximum of 10 bullets. Depending on the bet, weapon and ammo’s destructive power, the player will destroy the appropriate number of creatures. If you want to win effectively, players should combine with the Fish game tactics that have been studied before. Below is the order to join Fishing Yilufa at our website

  • Step 1: Access your account to the website and contact the service department to request “Register
  • Step 2: At the homepage of the website, players choose “Yilufa Fishing”
  • Step 3: Choose your rank and join the game.

The Features Of Yilufa Fishing

Fortune Yilufa

To own Fortune Yilufa, players only need 5 clicks. Then on the screen will appear symbols : green, red and blue randomly.

  • Blue Yilufa : Player gets 3x bet
  • Green Yilufa: Players can bet 15X, 20X, 25X, 30X, 35X random bet.
  • Red Yilufa: The current Blue Yilufa’s accumulated points with Green Yilufa and red Yilufa.

Golden Wheel Of Wealth

To upgrade Wheel Upgrade or Mystery Expansion’s winning chances, the player should choose an appropriate slot. 18X 28X 58x and 88X are possible rewards at the Golden Wheel of Wealth. The player’s reward will be calculated based on the multiplier below

  • Lucky Double: 36X, 56X, 116X, 176X
  • Triple Wealth: 54x, 84x, 174x, 264x

Dancing Lion

Items from 100x to 300x are rewards players can get if they catch the Dancing Lion. In addition, Fortune Arrives are also high value items for the luckiest players.

Fortune Arrives

If the player catches the Ultra Bazooka and the Dancing Lion, the chance to receive Fortune Arrives is within reach. In addition, Fortune Arrives supports players to own more bullets, until the player stops playing. 

Ultra Bazooka

  • Chance to get 5x spins and 50 free ammo and Fortune Arrives for any member at the system. 
  • The maximum ammo a player can receive with a combination of Ultra Bazooka and Fortune Arrives is 999.
Arcade With Fishing Game Get Real Money - Yilufa Fishing

Paytable Fishing Yilufa

Starfish2xHippocampus8xYellow Shark60x
Fire Fish goby2xCuttle9xKing Crab80x
Founder 4xLantern fish15xDancing Lion100x – 300x
Puffer5xSwordfish20xUltra Bazooka5x
Golden Wheel Of Wealth
Up to 700x
Blue tang 7xBlue Shark50x
Fortune Yilufa 
Up to 1000x


Above is all the information about the game Yilufa Fishing. Hope players have great experiences when participating in Yilufa Fishing at our website. The system has many other equally attractive games waiting for players to join. Players can refer to the experience, as well as the skills of shooting fish at our website. Good luck players!