Fishing War – How To Play Fishing War Online For Real Money

If you are a fan of the fish table game genre, you should not ignore the Fishing War product in our system. This game is especially attractive, giving players a high level of reward and great entertainment. Refer to the article below to know more about the Fishing War online fish tables.

What Is Fishing War?

Fishing War is a simulation product of the war of fishes. Junior, Expert and Godlike are 3 levels for players to choose from in the game, each level will have different bets. Players when participating must choose the appropriate level, then buy bullets, use weapons to destroy fish and finally receive bonuses.

Interface and playroom

Depending on your capital and experience, there are 3 types of rooms with corresponding bets for players to choose from:

  • Junior: 10 – 500
  • Expert: 100 – 5000
  • Godlikes: 1000 – 50000

Players will use pre-equipped or upgraded weapons to hunt the fish that appear on the screen.

Symbols System

In Fishing War, the fish the player must hunt is divided into two groups. Each group will have a different reward level, depending on the difficulty or ease of hunting fish.

Payable fish: This group has 21 types of fish. The lowest bonus is x2 and the highest possible up to x400.

Special Fish or Boss: These are the goals that bring great rewards to the player. However, this type of fish is very difficult to destroy, players must team up with many other players. There are 9 special types of fish described as follows:

  • Dragon King: The fish has an extremely attractive bonus, from x10 to x300.
  • Firestorm: The advantage of creating a firestorm with a solid equipment system. Players can receive bonuses from 30 to 100 bullets, increasing their chances of catching fish.
  • Thunder Hammer: is a chain effect of thunder that is released and randomly attacks fish swimming on the screen. The bonus of this symbol gives the player x30 to x100.
  • Azure Stone: This Symbol freezes the entire screen for 10 seconds, the player has a chance to destroy the fish in that moment. At the same time, the player’s reward is 10 times the bet.
  • Dragon Wheel: is a form of lucky spin that appears randomly, the maximum reward for the player is x300.
  • Awakening Dragon: when catching this dragon, the screen will immediately explode 2 times or more. From there, players take advantage of the opportunity to hunt many other fish species. In particular, the rewards players can receive range from x100 to x488.
  • The Monkey King: has the same exploding feature as Awakening Dragon, the reward is from x100 to x688.
  • Pirate Ghost Ship: This large monster when caught will create an earthquake and destroy all fish on the screen. Then the reward players receive from x100 to x888

Tips To Use Gun At Fishing War

Players who want to increase their chances of winning need to learn from many players’ experience, know how to use guns and move them flexibly. Here are a few effective uses:

  • For group fish: Players take advantage of powerful support weapons such as: Lightning, Dual Guns to hunt targets with large area damage such as: Firestorm, Azure Stone, Thunder Hammer.
  • For single fish: The player aims correctly and uses the right amount of bullets. It is best for players to avoid playing Auto because it is very bullets and easy to lose. In particular, players should take advantage of the fish that have swam past the range of the fight that no one has destroyed.
  • For Boss: Boss has a huge bonus coefficient. Use all your strength to attack. Players need to turn on auto-fire mode, combine target lock and change to dual guns and use all weapons they have.


Above is all the information about the Fishing War at our website. If players have a need to participate in the fish table game genre, the system is ready to provide. Not only Fishing War, our website also has Fishing God, World Fishing, Caishen Fishing,… All ready to welcome players to join.