World Fishing Online Fish Tables Game

World Fishing is an extremely attractive game, players can both entertain, earn extra income and show their shooting skills. World Fishing possesses beautiful 3D graphics, extremely realistic images just like under the ocean. Players when participating will receive a few weapons corresponding to the rank in World Fishing.

World Fishing has the appearance of many different species of betting. Players can choose a classic, close-to-the-game style or a new, modern style. The outstanding feature of the fish table game is the bonus symbols: golden dragons, fairies, octopus,… In addition, giant fish appear continuously every day, players are hard to ignore.

The features of World Fishing

  • Free gold every day.
  • Realistic fish pictures.
  • 10 different types of guns.
  •  Boss appears continuously.
  • No lag occurs.

The Advantages Of Fishing World

  • 3D graphics

World Fishing is an attractive fish tables online, any player caught will be attracted from the first time. World Fishing possesses beautiful 3D graphics, the main color is blue, representing the vast and vast ocean. Countless creatures will appear in the fish table game with different sizes and colors. Creatures contribute to making the game more epic and quality.

  • Attractive mini game

Besides fish table, there are also attractive mini games for players. With these mini games, players can accumulate more coins, strengthen weapons and hunt more fish.

  • The game portal is regularly upgraded

The game portal is regularly upgraded, players participate in the online fish table game smoothly, without lag. We upgrade the interface, game load speed, installation time is not too long and the fun of players is not interrupted.

  • High redemption feature

World Fishing is a type of fish shooting game to change rewards. Therefore, after receiving many coins, players can exchange rewards into gifts of real value or real money. Quick conversion time, no service fees or commissions.

Tips to play World Fishing 

World Fishing is an entertaining, easy-to-join, and easy-to-receive game. If the player wants to get more bonus points and accumulate more coins, players need to apply the right strategies. The system offers many solutions and fish game experience for players

  • Choose the right rank:

 To play this type of game effectively, players should choose the appropriate rank according to their ability and pocket to easily catch the fish. Moreover, players should use money to buy suitable bullets, the bigger the bullets, the bigger the money, the higher the damage.

  • Shoot the small fish:

 The winning experience of playing fish game online is that the player must choose to shoot small fish to quickly accumulate points. Moreover, small fish move in groups, shooting at once can kill many fish. Meanwhile, large fish are more difficult to destroy.

  • Target additional bonuses:

 World Fishing will help gamers score a lot of points if the player achieves the goals, including: turtles, money, gems. If obtained, the bonus will be huge.

  • Observe dangerous fish:

 When playing online fish table, players need to observe dangerous fish hiding to avoid it. Because these fish are very difficult to destroy, it costs the player bullets. If you feel like you can destroy it, fire it up.

The special features in Fishing World game

As the latest Fish table game product, Fishing World is boldly modern. Compared to other online table fish game products, Fishing World stands out and attracts attention by the following points:

Special Bullets: The player can kill all fish, except Dragon Fishing. At the same time, this weapon also increases the bonus coefficient of each fish by 5 times compared to the normal level. The number of bonuses is up to 5000 times, the biggest bonus number in the game.

Fishing Party : In Fishing World, players not only encounter fish seasons like other products, the game has up to 4 fishing parties corresponding to x30 upgrade bonuses; x40; x50 and x60.

Dice Bubble: When this weapon explodes, the player will receive a random reward between 1 and 5 times the original bonus.

The bet levels in Fishing World are extremely attractive. In other products, room number 2 (amateur room) is for inexperienced players, coin level from 9-100. Fishing World again allows players to bet from the range of 1-100 coins. Thus, the system has supported many players who want to bet high even though they do not have much experience.


World Fishing is loved by many players because of its special features. With the extremely high reward value of World Fishing, we hope players make a lot of money from this game. If players want to choose more products about fish table games such as Crazy Fishing, Yilufa Fishing, Dragon Fishing… players access our system to participate.