Gold Storm Online Fish Table – Gold Storm For Real Money

Gold Storm is a online fish game-themed product. The game will give players a feeling of joy, enjoying a large and extremely realistic space. Referring to Gold Storm, players will immediately remember the game with a large number of participating members, generous bonuses and good quality. In this article, we will provide detailed information about Gold Storm – a highly entertaining fish game that helps players earn more money.

Gold Storm For Real Money

What Is Gold Storm Online Fish Game ?

Gold Storm is one of the online fish table game on the our system. The game is very simple, easy to join and helps players have a decent profit. Gold Storm is a game of skill and strategy, players must have careful calculation and consideration when participating. Luck cannot bring victory to the player in Gold Storm.

 Gold Storm is a good game, guaranteed to make players relieve stress after hours of studying and working hard!

What Is Gold Storm Online Fish Game ?

Features Of Gold Storm

In a word, Gold Storm is the online version of the traditional fish table game. The way to participate, the rules of the game are the same. Players must be experienced in the selection of guns, weapons and master how to use them.

  • First, when joining the game, players will have 4 options, corresponding to 4 levels of game difficulty. For players who are new to the fish game, players should choose level 1. So the amount of money used to buy weapons will be very small compared to other ranks, very convenient to practice. If a player is confident in their abilities, they can choose higher ranks, confronting more powerful creatures. Of course, if you can destroy it, the reward will also be much larger.
  • Each rank corresponds to a coefficient, the smaller the coefficient, the lower the amount the player uses for each shot and vice versa.
  • Each table will have 4 positions, corresponding to 4 different muzzles. Players compete against each other to kill fish and get rewards.
  • How many fishes the player destroys with their own gun, the player will receive the corresponding score. The system will have regulations on the value of each fish and weapon. The higher the value of the gun, the more powerful the bullet.

During the participation there will be special fish. It’s bring great rewards and there are 4 special creatures in the game: Shark, Fairy, Turtle, Octopus. Each species will have different tasks, their common point is to bring players a lot of bonuses.

  • Shark : Small fish around the shark will also be destroyed if the shark dies.
  • Fairy: As soon as it is destroyed, the fairy emits a light that kills the other fish.
  • Turtle: After the turtle is destroyed, there will be an explosive bomb, more than 50% of the fish will be simultaneously destroyed.
  • Octopus: 99% of the fish on the screen are destroyed with the octopus.

In addition, the player’s gun will also have 5 very useful skills. Players do not forget to take advantage of it to destroy the target more easily.

  • Red: Quick shot, screen freeze, auto target lock will be activated at the same time. Effective for 8 seconds.
  • Yellow: Shoots 20% faster than normal, effective for 20 seconds.
  • Blue: Freezes all fish on the board for 10 seconds.
  • Green: Automatically aim at the highest paying targets on the board, valid for 18 seconds.
  • Purple: Fires a net bullet for 15 seconds, dealing damage to the surrounding area.

Above are the skills that players must have if they want to destroy many fish in the game. In addition to careful calculation, making appropriate decisions, players should learn more information about fish game experience, how to use guns to be as effective as possible.


Above are details on how to play Gold Storm at our website. We are a website specializing in providing fish game products. If the player is inexperienced, the player can join the trial version to experience. In addition to Gold Storm, players can also join many other online versions of the Fish game table at our system. Sign up for an account now to get a $20 discount for a new account. Good luck players!