Ocean King 2 Online For Money – Attractive Fish Arcade Games Online

In game Ocean King 2 online for money, there will be 3 types of super latest weapons: diamond cannons, cannons and bullets. Each type has high damage ability to quickly and accurately destroy large fish and special bonus female species.

Ocean King 2 online for money

Introducing Ocean King 2

Ocean King 2 arcade games is a new fish tables online launched at our website with super huge rewards. The player’s task when playing is to use weapons such as guns, bullets, cannons … to destroy the creatures in the ocean. Especially the arowanas because when they defeat it, the player will exchange for a huge number of coins.

In the game Ocean King 2, there will be 3 types of super latest weapons: diamond cannons, cannons, and bullets. Each type has high damage ability to quickly and accurately destroy large fish and special bonus female species.

Overall, this game is considered quite simple and easy to play. But to win, you need to know how to use weapons. At the same time, the feature must be upgraded to play through the appropriate rounds so that the probability of hitting is high and not wasting ammo.

At Ocean King 2 for real money you can choose from 2 doors, each of which gives you different experiences and bonuses:

  • Newbie Area

The easy-to-play area is for new players with ammo values ​​ranging from $0.3 – $30.

  • Expert Area

The play area has ammo values ​​ranging from $30 – $300. This playing area usually people with more experience will choose to eat a larger amount of bonuses.

Special Types of Fish in Ocean King 2

  • Golden jar

When the Golden Jar appears and you defeat it, your bonus points will be x200. These are some great bonuses.

  • Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball also gives players bonus amount x100-x175.

  • Mermaid

When catching the beautiful mermaid, the player’s bonus amount gets x150.

  • Golden Dragon

The golden dragon appears continuously, quickly defeat it to get a bonus x100.

  • Dragon Gun

Dragon Gun gives players bigger, more valuable rewards:

  • Bonus amount x10
  • 30 free shot bullets
  • Fire rate x5

Ocean King 2 Game Rules

As with any game, gamers need to know the rules in advance, there is no game that the player cannot win. But besides these games of chance, you should also know some tips. Now, let’s guide to play Ocean King online real money at fishtablesonline to learn the rules of the game.

First, the player must determine the target is the only shooting object, can not focus only on small fish or focus on large fish. Spread the target evenly each time you play.

The fired bullets will ignore the remaining fish when the player has identified the target, absolutely when the target has not been destroyed but switches to a new target. This should be noted in order for the player to align the rate of fire and the type of ammo to be able to destroy the target before the target swims out of the gun range.

Experience playing Ocean King 2 Online For Money

  • Choose the right play area

This is an important issue to consider before entering the game. If you are a newbie, you should choose the area for new players, and if you are a professional player, challenge yourself with the difficult area. Absolutely newbies should not choose the area of ​​​​the master because the result of losing and losing money will be very fast. In addition, when choosing the right area, you will defeat many fish species and bring back many bonuses for yourself.

  • Shoot in groups and as soon as they appear

This trick is applied by many bettors, because usually the fish will go in groups of about 10 fish. At that time, you should look for and wait for the opportunity to shoot as soon as the new fish appear, the probability of defeating them will be faster and of course the coins will be earned a lot without losing a lot of bullets.

  • Shoot bullets at the wall

When seeing golden dragons or large fish, this technique should be applied. It is a combination of shooting at the wall so that the bullets bounce back and shoot straight at the target. With 2 consecutive shots and a reasonable number of bullets, the percentage of shooting down will be higher. However, you should align it very accurately to avoid wasting ammo.


Above is the information about the game Ocean King 2 online real money that we want to share with readers. Hopefully, it will provide knowledge and help you soon become a fish shooting gamer and bring home bonuses when playing at online casino.