Orient Animals Fishing – Attractive Online Fish Shooting Game

Orient Animals Fishing is one of the new games based on the online shooting game platform. When coming to this game, players will experience many outstanding and high-quality features. An interesting point that attracts players when participating in this game is that the initial bet amount players spend is small but will receive many great rewards. Find out more about this interesting game through the article below.

How To Play Orient Animals Fishing

Instructions Orient Animals Fishing

Orient Fishing Animals brings players to the vast ocean world with many different types of fish. Players will have a sense of excitement when hunting these rare fishes. With an eye-catching 3D interface, along with lively sound gives players a more realistic feeling. Also makes the hunt more interesting than ever. In addition to entertaining, Orient Fishing Animal also gives players a huge source of income.

The Outstanding Feature of Orient Animals Fishing

Orient Animals Fishing is launched with the latest version. At the same time, the game also possesses many of the most advanced features, extremely high quality images.Some outstanding of this game are as follows:

  • Support for multiple languages ​​with multiple play styles.
  • The beautiful game interface is excellent, in addition to vivid 3D images and realistic sounds.
  • There are various bets for each player to choose such as: Newbie, Expert, VIP

Payment of Orient Animal Fishing

At Orient Animals Fishing, there are many different levels of play, the amount of bonus the player receives depends on the hunting product. In particular, the system also has a refund for players. Here is a table of paytable symbols that players need to pay attention to:

Gold Slate100 – 300X
Purple Slate100 – 500X
Green Slate100 – 500X
Orange Slate100 – 800X
Positive Slate100 – 1000X
Golden SlateX1000
Orient Animal TreasureX1800

In addition, the players will use some Special Weapon such as

Fotune BazookaPlayers will get 10x first and additional 20-100 free bullets randomly
Mega DrillPlayers will get 10x first and free shot of Mega Drill.
Electromagnetic CannonPlayers will get 10x first and free shot of Electromagnetic Cannon
Frozen BombPlayers will get 5x first and immediately freeze all the fish on the screen until the end of the effect. 

The Rules of Orient Animals Fishing

When you want to start participating in the game, players need to know the rules of the game so that they can easily bring the victory.

The first mission of the player needs to be clearly defined in order to be able to aim more accurately.

Players need to focus on destroying each target if they are large. Only when targets appear in swarms, the player uses special weapons to capture them.

Players should immediately destroy the fish that has just appeared on the screen. This method helps players not to lose too many coins, destroy the fish in the shortest time and win the reward intact.

In particular, players should choose for themselves a good gun to aim more accurately.

Players need to choose for themselves a weapon that matches the characteristics of each type of fish that they want to hit.


Above are the details about the game Orient Animals Fishing. Hopefully, the information we bring will help players feel more easy to play and excited when participating. Hurry up to come and experience fish game to relax and bring yourself rewards.