Silverback Multiplier Mountain – Slot Game With Highly Realistic Images Of Different Animals

Silverback Multiplier Mountain is a slot game with highly realistic images of different animals that offers a jungle adventure for PC, iOS, Android and Windows. Let’s learn about this game in the article below.

What is Silverback Multiplier Mountain Slot?

Silverback Multiplier Mountain Slot has 4096 classic win lines. Lucky players have a chance to reap huge bonuses of up to 25000 times the currency. These are impressive numbers belonging to the newly released game of spinning jars released by Joker Gaming.

  • Number of reels: 4×6 (corresponding to 4 rows, 6 columns and 24 reels).
  • Number of winning lines in the game: 4096 lines.
  • Minimum bet is 0.20USD.
  • The maximum bet is 10.00USD.

There are 10 main playing symbols that appear in the game. Each symbol has a different payout and is specified in the paytable. Shape symbols will have a higher payout than character symbols.

Winning line in game

Silverback Multiplier Mountain has 4096 wins. The winning line will pay out if 3 or more symbols of the same type appear in a row anywhere on the reels. The winning line is calculated from the leftmost position to the rightmost position.

In case there are multiple winning lines on the same payline, only the winning line with the highest payout will be counted. When something goes wrong, all bonuses and plays will be forfeited.

Wild Symbol

This symbol has the ability to substitute other symbols for a win line except for the bonus symbol.

When substituted, the wild symbol pays the highest possible winning combination.

Free Spins

During the main game the player lands 3,4,5 or 6 bonus symbols which will trigger the free spins by the coefficients of 10, 15, 20 and 30 respectively.

Free spins start with a multiplier of x1, if the next spin wins the multiplier will be increased by 1 unit.

Free spins wins are added to the total winnings.

All bets and play forms are counted as the game that triggered the free spins.

Buy Free Spins Feature

Players can buy additional free spins to ensure the coefficients of the current bet level.

Up to 10 free spins can be purchased with a chance to get 90x your current bet.

When selecting the buy free spins feature, additional bonus symbols will be randomly placed.

The buy free spins feature can be used at any time to change bets.

Payment symbols

Green Parrot8.
Blue Parrot6.


Silverback Multiplier Mountain is one of the new online slots games launched in February. Besides the lucky rewards, Silverback Multiplier Mountain also gives players moments of great relaxation, emotional sublimation. Join the Slot games arena today.