Five Dragon Fishing – Super Attractive Fish Game

Five Dragon Fishing is one of the extremely attractive and interesting options for those who are extremely fond of the fish game genre. Coming to Five Dragon Fishing, players have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world full of colors and extremely attractive rewards. Let’s explore the ocean world with thousands of mysteries when joining Five Dragon Fishing at our website!

What Is Five Dragon Fishing?

Five Dragon Fishing is one of the products from the publisher JDB. The game appeared on the market in 2019 and is now available in our system.

The game possesses new technology, with many attractive features. The graphics of Five Dragon Fishing are designed with dynamic 3D images. Players have a colorful journey, bringing the most realistic feeling. Especially Five Dragon Fishing has extremely attractive rewards, players are not required to win Dragon to receive great rewards.

Each hunt will have prizes depending on the player’s loot. If the player is lucky, the chance of getting the redemption rate is 1800 times for 1 redemption. Depending on the needs, players can choose from a variety of players or different levels.

The Rules Of Five Dragon Fishing

Each player participating in Five Dragon Fishing will receive 10 bullets. Each bullet has a different bet level for players to choose from. Players should remember that depending on the type of fish will have different values, corresponding to different types of bullets.

If the player shoots bullets on the edge of the interface board, the fish will not be hit. Then the bullet will be fired in the direction the fish will move, until the fish is destroyed.

How To Play Five Dragon Fishing

If this is the player’s first hunt when joining the fish game. Our system will help players understand the features, participate in the demo version before deciding to bet with real money.

All the player needs to care about is aiming and shooting the fish accurately, whether they come in groups or swim individually. Players will then receive valuable rewards corresponding to each type of fish that has been destroyed.

To start this hunt, players only need to register a betting account at the website. Then the player recharges and starts hunting. The system will give the player three choices of rank:

  • Level newbie: Low bet, only from 0.1 to 10, new players should choose this level to experience
  • Level expert: The bet limit ranges from 1 to 100, suitable for experienced players playing Fish table games.
  • Level Five Dragon: This is considered the highest level of play only for experienced players. Players can bet from 10 to 100 when choosing this level of play.

Redemption Rate Of Five Dragon Fishing

  • Bonus Dragon: When players hunt 5 dragon species (Yellow Dragon, Red Dragon, White Dragon, Green Dragon and Blue Dragon) and 4 pearls, the player receives a reward 1800 times the original bet.
  • Shark Cannon: Players have the opportunity to receive rewards with a value of 5 times the ammo level when receiving shark cannons. If the fish has a coefficient less than 10, the player’s reward will be 2 to 5 times. If the fish has a coefficient greater than 10, the reward value will be much more.
  • Depth Charge Bullets: The player’s chance to receive rewards is up to 5 times. Besides, players receive 30 free bullets during the participation process.
  • Goldfish: Gold or blue gems are available to players if they catch a goldfish. Especially if there is the appearance of a bubble, the player receives a reward up to 300 times.
  • Weapons: If the player hunts fish with Depth Charge Bullets, the player’s reward value is up to 15 times the bet. If the player uses the shark cannon, the reward is 25 times greater.
  • Five Dragon: The player who hunts one of the 5 dragons that appear on the interface, the player receives a reward 50 to 500 times.


Online fish tables Five Dragon is really one of the interesting games in the series of fish table gambling online. With great design, sharp images, vivid sound, Five Dragon will definitely be the right choice for all players. The system also has many other information about fish games and attractive products such as Crazy fishing, Fishing war, … waiting for players to join.