Shenlong Fishing Attractive Online Fish Shooting Game

Shenlong Fishing is one of the new games in a series of online shooting fish games. This is one of the highly entertaining games, with a beautiful and eye-catching interface that always attracts every player when participating in this game. Find out more about this interesting game, follow us by article below.

Instructions about Shenlong Fishing Game

Shenlong Fishing is a new game in the fish shooting game system that is loved by many players today. Such as Orient Animals Fishing, Golden Dragon online fish table or Fishing War..Shenlong Fishing with a beautiful 3D interface, players have a realistic feeling in their fish hunt. Besides, the attractive payment rate is also one of the features that attract players.

When participating in the game Shenlong Fishing, players will be able to choose levels according to their abilities as follows:

  • Newbie: 500-5000
  • Medium: 5000- 50000
  • Royal: 50000 – 2500000

Payment Of Shenlong Fishing

For this game, the player will need to pay attention to the symbols of the fishes. Each symbol will have a different payout such as:

Dragon Ball Fish50 -150x
Boss Symbol100 – 500x
Lucky Draw150x
Bonus 1200x
Bonus 2777x
Shenlong Yiufa3000x

Besides, this game is also equipped with some new weapons such as:

Fotune BazookaPlayers will get 10x first and additional 20 -100 free bullets randomly
Mega DrillPlayers will get 10x first and free shot of Mega Drill
Electromagnetic CannonPlayers will get 10x first and free shot of Electromagnetic Cannon
Time BombPlayers will get 5x first and immediately freeze all the fish until the end of the effect.

Where to Play Shenlong Fishing 

If a player wants to join Shenlong Fishing online fish table, you must first become an official member of the system. Next, players understand the rules of the game and follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Log in to your betting account at the website. If the player does not have an account, please register according to the instructions of the customer service staff. 

Step 2: Deposit the bet into the account, transfer the entire amount from the Main Wallet to the Shooting Fish Game Wallet.

Step 3: Select the category of Shooting Fish Game => Shenlong Fishing

Step 4: Adjust the bet level, bet and receive rewards.


Above is the information about the game Shenlong Fishing. Come and register an account at the website today to be able to experience this game, with its beautiful 3D version and attractive rewards.